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Lego has created construction toys for children, but often for many people it is a hobby, as well as collecting sets or minifigures. We hope that each of you will find what you are looking for.
For me it is also a hobby and collecting which was from childhood, my wife got infected.
We focus on speed, from Monday to Friday we often send parcels the same day that orders were submitted to the afternoon or we send packages the next day.
The cost of sending a package - We try to make the price as low as possible. it often happens that the declared cost of the assignment is higher than in reality, then we return the money back.
Condition of the part
  - They come only from new sets, never used, bought by me personally. (Standard parts will be joined for shipping)
- Minifigures never assembled, packed in a zipp bag
We do not separate into "like new" only in good condition, we try to segregate and choose parts in good condition so that the customers are satisfied.
  We also have Acceptable parts that may have a lot of signs of use, possible dents or scratches, discoloration, remember this. not all acceptable parts issued by us have described. according to our discretion, they are still suitable for use.
You have questions, please contact us.
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We wish you successful shopping
Magdalena & Andrzej